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Service Times are: St. Martins - 9:30AM; Fairfield - 11:30AM

St. Martins Baptist Church: 211 Main Street, St. Martins, NB E5R 1B6, Church Phone: 506-833-4924: Office Phone: 506-833-2250

Fairfield Baptist Church: 1395 RTE 11, Fairfield, E5R 1B1; Office Phone: 506-833-4503

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

01-29-12 Follow Me.wmv

Read John 21:15-19

Pastor Geoff will be away from Feb. 6 - March 4. The following is the list of speakers for that time period:

Feb. 12 - Rev. David Nicholson
Feb. 19 - Rev. Erik Kragland
Feb. 26 - Rev. Dr. John Weiler (Pastor Geoff's Father-in-law)
Mar. 4 - Rev. David Nicholson

Be on the look out for our new website - Announcement will be made when the website is up and running. There will be a link to our blog from the site so you will still be able to watch Pastor Geoff each week.

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